Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Seamless Wanderer

 Ever woke up to the morning that made you realize the imprecise contentment you possess? Not that you haven't pushed hard enough to endeavor the goals you had pre-set. May be it’s the wonder you do while recollecting your thoughts of whether or not you wanted the exact setup at the first place?

We are often lost in a defined path, the one which comprises of high school, co-curriculars, yearlong crushes; and an ultimate selection between being an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer or a banker etc. Although the process of getting there, the present destination, gulps in a whole life time which may or may not have been the best reflection of our virtue. A question than might easily erupt in one’s mind is how to find out whether or not this was the life I was meant to lead? The answer to it is pretty simple: by exploration, of the moment when you attain an optimal potential.

When we speak about travelling, everyone fancies a huge motor cycle rumbling across the challenging roads of high elevated mountains that are meant to test the patience and audacity of a human being. Fortunately, the horizons are a bit vaster than just a heart galvanizing expedition to the extremes.  Traveling, to some, is a getaway from the hustle and bustle of their agonizing lifestyle but for some, it is the lifestyle.  One must think of it being a hectic, nerve wrenching, routine of getting to point B from A but traveling rather soaks you in the realm that comprises of a serene confinement. 

To travel is to seek for an answer, the one about which we contemplate for most of our lives; the one justifying our existence. Of course we have read loads about places in books, also it’s not all about visiting the major sights like The Taj Mahal or The Eiffel Tower with a sense of awe; there are transformations included i.e. the perception you had about that place and its culture or making one in case you didn't. No, you aren't wasting a major phase of your life understanding a society far away from the one you live in. It is about adding dimensions to your own perspective about things which include the way you desire to spend your own life. By visiting places we let ourselves out of the comfort zone that had made us a vulnerable entity; we get exposed to the extreme situations which might break us but eventually prove to become the life changing experiences which  made us wiser than ever.  You needn't to be a wanderer for the rest of your life, but a composed monarch of your own self who can take dependable decisions in life that would not just affect him but the world around as well. 

At the end of the day we are all the same yet different, the only way to find out is by exploring the unexplored. It is evident that a divine intervention of such extent will not occur while you marinating in your monotonically engrossed life. So spring out from that prolonged slumber and initiate the process of indulging into everything that sounds like a real deal. Don’t just read articles about places and grumble about not getting the chance of not being there because the time is NOW, when you’re a young, energetic, careless and spontaneous being.

The idea of being a Seamless Wanderer originates from the amalgamation of both the contradicting values of traveling and a continued inflow of income required to pursue the quest. We often confuse weather to save up the whole lifetime and then backpack around the world or perform the later first and spent a lifetime of discontentment, profession wise. (as an eventual settlement with too much of experience but fewer resources doesn't sound like great idea either). So what is the best way to fulfill both the requirements of money and expedition? The idea is to not give away your day to day conscious and wander about, it is to look search for a better prospect which allows you to emerge as a pristine being, both on a characteristic and professional level .

The world is full of possibilities and undoubtedly a few of them will go just fine with the bucket list you had created as a clueless toddler. It's never too late, they say but the quicker you kickoff the more you conquer, more you break free from the inhibitions. 

My legs were exasperated, 
eyes craved for a familiar sight, home
But I pressed on 
I had stories to live,to tell.

Founded in 1948, AIESEC is a not-for-profit, not political, student run organization which operates on an international level helping the young generation recognize and develop their potential, subsequently having a positive impact on the society. Our vision of ‘Peace and Fulfilment of humankind’s potential’, has driven us to become the largest youth run organization that is now spread in 124 countries around the globe, impacting the young population by providing them with various leadership development opportunities.
 Altogether, we have delivered 30,000+ internships in 2013 in different sectors of MNCs, NGOs and start-ups. Its uniqueness is observed from the fact that it is run entirely by young eccentric minds that deliver various exchange programmes and conferences that enhance their skill sets on a credible note. 

A Day In Delhi's Life

Delhi, better known as Dilli, is the most developed and highly equipped Union Territory of the Indian subcontinent. The presence of the capital city of India, New Delhi, within its circumference plays a vital role in the continuous increment of its stature which started way back in 1911. The city has an almost chronologically viable explanation for its name which goes in accordance to the fact that it is situated in the heart of the nation. A day in Delhi, ironically, is not enough to accumulate all the experiences and vibes of emotions that a standard day consisting of a twenty hours cycle provides. There are a zillion numbers of permutations and combinations facilitating the quest of realizing the best way to spend a day in Delhi’s life thus providing the people residing here uncountable ways to escape from the monotonous daily routine and get recharged for the upcoming weekdays. Here’s a guide to spend a ‘free’ Day in Delhi’s Life:

Surya Namashkar

Mornings in Delhi are quite similar round the weather clock when citizens belonging to a diverse  cast ,creed and economic back ground swarm out on the roads appreciating the best ever boon provided by the almighty, the sunrise. There is an essence of serenity outdoing all the negativity in the air, faces glisten with smile just like the hue drops on the grasses. They say that laughter is the best medicine to cure the atrocities of a living being and the oldies here have taken this statement in consideration at a large extent as every morning the lush green parks spread across the city are subjected to their high decibel laughter sessions. You might as well get freaked out by a crowd lying unconscious in the middle of some ground  but take a closer look and you find out it’s the Shavasana,  a Yoga posture, being practised by the ladies who just went fans to Baba Ramdev. The youngsters, although, follow the primitive ways of sweating it out by the means of jogging and cycling. Everyone here has to stay in shape so that they are able wear the clothes they just bought from Sarojini!

So shake off the overpowering slumber, put on your running shoes and join the health conscious people of Delhi. Anything you want to start your day with is the essence of the moist ground along with the cold breeze purifying every single inch of your inner self.

Lodhi Gardens Delhi

Lodhi Gardens, one of the most spectacular creations of Sikander Lodhi’s architectural regime, consists of beautiful monuments and is considered to have a rejuvenating ambience best suited for a morning walk. If you are a cycling enthusiast and want keep on burning that extra fat along with stamina generation, then you can become a part of the Delhi Cycling Club which has over 2100 members till date.

When the Sun Goes Higher

By the time you had the home made cholle bhature its already past twelve and a free afternoon in Delhi should be devoted to shopping and nothing else. Shopping might give earning halves of the family sort of a semi heart attack but Dilwalo ki Dilli takes good care of money issues quite efficiently. The street markets of Sarojini Nagar, Palika Bazaar, Lajpat Nagar and Delhi Haat are the best options you need to land at. Sarojini Nagar provides the all-round opportunity of buying items ranging from Footwear to Clothes, Electronic items, Carry Bags and what not. Lajpat Nagar and Delhi Haat on the other hand, prove to be a bit more feminist as the shops here specialise in ladies clothing and accessories. Delhi Haat is equally famous for the sales of handicrafts and splendid paintings which can be bought at an affordable price. These markets unbelievably have a long list of the cheapest yet long lasting products but on a certain condition of you being a good negotiator. The unending stretch of street food stalls of the sizzling Momos and Bumbaia Chat (read Mumbai) make you physically equipped enough to scan every shop present in the market and if you’re looking for something peculiar to eat then you might want to rush to Khan Market where Khan Chacha is awaiting you with his famous kebabs . Once done with the being the Alexander of street shop invasion you can visit Indian Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodi Road which has a continuous inflow of various exhibitions and cultural performances; a great way to spend the late afternoon with your better half and kids.

Shopping At Delhi Haat

Better take your wife along while shopping; she knows this business better than anyone else does.

Kahi Door Jab Din Dhal Jae
The temperature begins to sober when the sun subsides after completion of its days’ work. The young race of the city comes to life as if zombies escaping out of an apocalypse. The Evenings are the peak hours for the teenagers when they let loose from their educational responsibilities as well as off the social networking websites and socialize for real. The high end “check-ins” at Starbucks, Connaught Place or the Café Coffee Day at the Hauz Khas Village road have become a decisive benchmarks in the new age of hangouts. You can find college students, mostly from the Delhi University, roaming around adding chapters to their found love stories or jamming with some crazy pals in front of the setting sun.

While the future of the nation is busy playing their favorite tune in the premises of the Hauz Khas Village, the older theists can visit their respective praying grounds here in Delhi. The Birla Mandir and the Akshardham Mandir are hubs for devotees who come from all various parts of the nation to accumulate blessings from the almighty they believe in. The Jama Masjid which owns a spellbinding appearance happens to be the Largest Mosque in India and tends to occupy a whopping number of 25,000 devotees at a time. The Bangla Sahib Gurdwara situated at a prime location in Connaught Place is famous among Sikhs who tend to attain an unpara amount of self-contentment while inside the establishment. Those who don’t believe in idols and are in the pursuit of a peaceful self-realisation session, they can step to the doors of the Lotus Temple which is best suited when it comes to making truce with one’s self. The monument depicts the shape of a lotus and looks breathtakingly beautiful when the lights fade-out

If you’re a travel enthusiast, then thank the Mughals and Sir Edwin Lutyens who have left so much for you to wander about. The trio of the Laal Quila or The Red Fort, the Qutub Minar and the Hyumayun’s Tomb are spectacular examples of the rich and eloquent Mughal Architecture. Each of these monuments is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites which has numerous sagas and unbelievable facts embarked in it. The Lutyens’ Delhi comprises of those buildings which have now become home for political as economic advancements. The Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Parliament of India exhibit the touch of high prolific and elegant British Architecture and share the neighbourhood by an equally revered monument i.e. the India Gate which was built in the memory of Indian Soldiers who lost their lives in the World War II. Laying eyes on each of these buildings as well the surroundings leaves your heart and soul filled with an overwhelming feeling of pride and increases the level of affection towards the country.

It is to be noted that every city has some or the other entity which is considered to be as famous but there would be a niche of elements of exception here, in Delhi, which can’t be quoted as famous. The epicentre of famous attributes emerges from the unplanned territory of Old Delhi and travels till the well maintained city of New Delhi which every Delhiite has visited irrespective of the distance to be commuted. The trail goes on and almost every portion of the city consists of “famous” of everything and anything. A post evening dinner at Karim’s, Chandani Chauk is highly recommended as the restaurant is serving deliciousness to its consumers since the time when Mughals were still in power.

Raat Baaki, Baat Baaki
The clock ticks nine but your instincts aren’t in sync with the notion of going back home? Well that ensures that your zeal to live life to its fullest is still intact in your veins. New Delhi has various addaas where you can storm in and enjoy the night by breaking a leg or clinging glasses of prosperity. Check-in to Dublin, ITC Maurya or the F-Bar, The Ashok Hotel which serve you the best music, food and ambience. The Q’BA in Connaught Place is also known for its mesmerising atmosphere and remarkable diversity of cuisines. Want to have a laid back conversation with close buddies along with some typical rock music playing in the background? Hard Rock Café, in DLF Mall, Saket is one place you would not want to miss. The interiors are outstanding in terms of a music lover‘s interest as they provide you with innumerable topic on music to discuss about and but of course the songs, each of them, rejoiced classics. Although, Hard Rock Café might be a bit expensive for youngsters who just became legal, My Bar in Connaught Place and Paharganj, is a reasonable alternative which happens to embark more or less the similar vibes of Rock-n-Roll.

Indian Ocean at Hard Rock Café, Saket, New Delhi

Be a safe and responsible citizen, make sure you don’t drink and drive.

All of it, in a single Day?
Answer to this question might not have been viable or even a subject to argumentation if asked almost a decade ago, but since the known existence of Metro Rail services, the face of this city has evolved at a very high ratio. Metro hasn’t just localised the city but has also provided the people with an incomparable freedom of commuting as many landmarks in a single day, which in fact was a hideous task to perform in before times. So the doors will open on the left, please mind the gap and de-board to explore yours and everyone’s own city of mighty hearts, Delhi.

By: Aditya Dubey
Photo Credits:

Friday, 18 October 2013

Are You Sleepless Again?

Looking at those bruises on your wrist
You burst out with tears
But you’re silent, you’re pale
Let me ask you, are you sleepless again?

 Is it the past that is haunting you
Or is it the present which doesn't seem  fine
Oh tell me what it is
Cos there is not always an intervention
And for sure it isn't divine!

I know times have been hard
And I know you anticipate much more pain
But tell you what my ole friend
I am here for you as I was then
So look into my eyes while you answer
Are you sleepless again?

There’s a silver lining that you deny to see
There’s a long road before thee
And you know life’s short, its freaking mean
So we better keep going shall we?

Not much of the times did I tell you this
But I have been in that place of yours
I know it’s tough, I know it’s painful
But is worth the atrocities?
No is my answer and hope would be yours
You know the sea is better off shores
So sail, would ya? Or fly if you could 
Cos if I were you I better would
There a new world about that horizon you would notice
And when we meet there again, you don’t make me ask

Whether you’re sleepless again!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Being An AIESEC errr!

So I was sitting in my college canteen wearing my AIESEC T-Shirt and a fine lady comes up to me asking, “What is this AIESEC?” Well that’s a question every AIESECer loves to answer and with a wide smile on my face I said,” Why don’t you settle down and I would tell ya!”

We had a fine half an hour conversation where I gave her a detailed description on what AIESEC exactly is about what am I doing over there, got to admit I bragged about myself a bit given the fact that I am just a new member. Post the brief interaction I had this sudden realization of how just a month of being in this organisation has brought about a change into me, from the shy backbench-er I have became the one who just won’t stop talking. Being an AIESECer, I could count as many transformations more than the fingers in my hand, confidence is what I would consider the most important among them all. Although living this life isn't a piece of cake as you gotta balance office as well as your education but the amount of payback you get in terms of experience is incredible! The LCs, the JNC, the International see so many enthusiasts have pulled up their socks to reach the similar goal of making this body a huge one is inspiring. The perks of being an AIESECer are spectacular, there is a positive feeling along with an enhanced level of intellect that you start to possess giving you the motivation to have a better perspective about things and people. If you’re thinking that AIESEC is all work-work thing, then you should see the chill outs which I personally think the uber cool ones and a verbal description won’t be enough unless one experiences it himself!

Now, I see a lot of guys joining AIESEC just like that and then bailing out for no reason at all. This organization doesn't pay you a single penny nor does it gives you any special privileges, all is does is to nurture your leadership qualities which is the most important entity of any personnel. They best way to get something out from AIESEC is when you have figured out what exactly you want out of it, it can be management related or may be interaction with people, once you’re clear about your intentions you’ll more than happy to serve. There are things in life which act as a divine intervention and give you purpose, give you hope and the credibility of the person you are. AIESEC is a secluded planet full of a bunch of admirable individuals whom you won’t find under one roof anywhere else but here, once you’re here, for sure you would not want to teleport yourself out of this matrix. I am glad to have skipped class that day to be in the GD where a simple question changed things around for me. I have evolved, I am confident, determined, well managed, equipped, fun to be with. I am all.. I am an AIESECer!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Motorcycle Diaries: diarois de motocicleta

Just like everyone else, like Martin Luther King; I too had a dream. A dream to explore the whole sub-continent of India and if possible most parts of the world, not to mention on a motorcycle. Motorcycles, the bulky and beautiful beasts made of steel and iron which are capable of accelerating you towards eternal bliss, taking you so far away from all of your responsibilities that you might not even want to look back at all. Motorcycles; my first love.

The idea of the very first expedition was to hire a Royal Enfield 550cc, grab all the essentials and leave for the place best known as a biker’s paradise: Ladakh .The very thought of being in that snow clad heaven which could be at a height of 3000 meters and even above, gave me chills of anxiety. The rumbling sound of the engine would be throttled up attaining the lifelong pursuit of arriving somewhere, where I don’t care who I am, neither do I care of what the world wants me to be, somewhere where I live rather than just exist.

Well, its 2 AM in the night. Everyone around me is asleep, two to be precise. The mechanic: who was hell lot of fun and Rohit : who could not believe that it can be hot here as well. I am sitting at the entrance of my small tent while I am writing this. It’s very cold in here, so cold that I can’t even feel a portion of my face, well 18000 feet has its own cons. Despite of the semi paralysis that I suffer, I feel at peace, drowned in the serenity of motionless contentment. There’s a smile I’m wearing, which is a constant reminder of the memorable journey I had. The passage of en route from Manali to the highest drive-able point on earth, Khardung La was a life changing scenario. It’s amazing to notice the diversity of this country in the span of almost 500 kilometers. Ladakh is indeed heaven, way better that I could dream of. With my eyelids pushing the rest of me to dive in a cold slumber, I’m ceasing to collect as many memories which I could and probably recite them to my grandchildren.

Life is full of despair and hardships. Every other day, as a social being we cease to exist and moreover mark our presence in this probably fictional setup of living things. There is a set of rules which are pre implicated and guide the happenings of our life. There is childhood during which dream of every possible thing that we can become and then there is the later part where we compensate with anything which could assist us being a negligible dot in the galaxy that we are.

A biker’s trip is not just about covering the distance from point A to B. It’s a whole new experience sometimes turns a normal person into a revolutionary. Back in 1952 there was an Argentine doctor named Ernest Fuser who along with a friend set off for a trip, on a 1939 Norton 500, which transformed him, his course of life .His views about things, people and their pain. He was not the kind of doctor anymore who would just recognize the disease and tell you the way to cure it. In fact he went out being the one who set out to cure all the social disparities that Cuba went through. The man later was known as Che Guevara.

No matter at what extent we get convinced with our life's monotony and presume that this is how we are going to end up; working our asses off to get the bread and butter flowing in. There is always a long lived desire of doing something crazy is every one’s heart. Something preventing them from getting stuck in the world of harsh realities and exposes them into a place possessing fictional reality.  Something which was always there in their ‘to do’ list but they never got the chance to put that ‘tick’ over it.

 I have ticked mine, have you? 

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Void

Dark Shades, Fancy lights
Smiling faces ..Mean Laughter
Love..hatred.. chaos 
I see it all..

Endeavoring, everything I dream of
Every other day, getting up with a plan
Walking by the aisle of choices
Looking at faces whom I know..I don't

When The day subsides..
The glimmer of night deepens.. glorifies
 Its late ,Probably every one's asleep
Anticipating trance, I  lay down
A headache occurs out of nowhere
Feels as if an explosion would occur
Helpless, I feel..

I spring out of the semi slumber
Realizing sleeplessness won again
Draw a light from my drawer
Hoping that drugs might make people
The corpse they become for a while

With every breath come the flashbacks
The sweet memories of childhood
My first bicycle,the first day at school
Being the naughty one at home,Stealing lunch
Those cultural events,those crushes.
Those never expressed one sided feelings
My best friend...

With a lit up face,I pull out my cellphone
Six hundred contacts or so
But scrolling down till the name closest to Z
I found no one, no one real close

Surrendering my head down
Feel Numb,although the head pains
I let a tear drop slide out
Hoping,the emotions might wash away
I remember my  mother, whom I dont miss much,
Father, to whom I cant be that same innocent child anymore
My first love,who taught me that love never existed at all

Talking to myself
Making a fake attempt of not being alone
I start to hmm sing
Striving to look at the brighter sides
I end up liberating all those loose strings
Now it just me and  the vibes of..
The Void 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

"Bholi Si Asha"

Chote sheher ki bholi si ladki,
Ankho me the kai armaan.

Ghar ke beta banungi keh ker,
Nikal padi wo duje jahan.

Shayad andaaza na tha use,
Kai mushkile thi wahan.

Kabhi samaj ke kadve bol,
Kabhi apno se paya dvesh.

Vapttian ayi badi sari,
Badal badal,naye vesh.

Dari na wo, na hi ghabraai,
Vijaypath ki chunautiyion se, kabhi na dagmagaai.

Ansuon ko, kajal ki ot me chupaya  usne,
Ghar ki yaad ka dard, kritrim hasi mein udaya usne.

Antatah paa hi lia, jiski darkaar thi,
Sabkuch,har jagah jeet kahi na haar thi.

Kaamyaabi ke paron ne dia unchi udaan bharne ka haunsala,
Na mudungi peeche,aage badhungi
Aesa, adig tha uska faisla.

Per auron se aage nikal jaane ki hod mein,
Khud ko na bhul jae.

Asha hai bus itni,
Apne hisse ka asmaan paa jae.

Chote sheher ki bholi si ladki..
Bholi hi reh jae....bholi hi reh jae.